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Educational Establishment «Grodno State Chemical Technology Professional Lyceum».

Our Lyceum is one of the oldest educational  inнаши специальностиstitutions of the region that has a solid base for training of skilled workers meeting modern requirements.

Tasks of the Lyceum are:

1. The provision of main education:

1.1. Provision of vocational training with simultaneous receiving of General secondary education on the basis of the general basic education.
1.2. Provision of vocational training on the basis of General secondary education.

2. Providing with additional education:

2.1. additional education of children and youth;
2.2. additional education of adults.

3. Promoting the full development of personality, formation of high moral, professional and civil qualities, of creative initiative.

4. Creation of conditions for physical perfection, health promotion, students mastering the rules of healthy lifestyle, formation of responsibility for their own health.

5. Social protection of pupils established by the legislation and social guarantees.



Currently at the Lyceum students are trained kolasc1in specialties:

  • Technical maintenance of control equipment and automation
  • Technical maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Welding Technology
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment for food industry



Our basic enterprises:

“Grodno Azot”- www.azot.by

«Belvtorpolimer» — www.belvtorpolimer.by

Grodno mechanical plant — www.gmz.by

«Grodno meat-packing plant» — www.grodnomk.by

» Soyuzprommontazh » — www.sojuzprommontazh.by

«Progress-Vertelishki» — vertelishki.com         etc.


Educational Establishment «Grodno State Chemical Technology Professional Lyceum».

Our address: 230015, Belarus, Grodno, Gorky str., 81
Fax / Phone: (8 0152) 43 90 00
e-mail: ptu49@mail.grodno.by